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The Staff


Chairman - Lee W. Gluckman, Jr. Chairman - Lee W. Gluckman, Jr. 
We are saddened by the loss of our leader Lee Gluckman Jr., chairman of Mobius Awards and US International Film & Video Festival. Lee passed away August 17 after a brief illness.

A tribute to Lee >


Media Tech Guru - David ChanCreative Director & Digital Coordinator - David Chan
Resolves technical nightmares for entrants; enjoys problem solving & multitasking while listening to classical & film music; keeps the office staff up-to-date on the latest memes.


Executive Director - Kristen SzaboManager, Entrant Relations & Operations - Kristen Szabo
Solves entrant problems both big & small; keeps the office stocked, organized and laughing; always looking for her next do-it-yourself project; owner/ jewelry designer, Les Beaux Metaux.


Media Relations - Sandra B. KellyManager, Press & Media Relations - Sandra B. Kelly
Promotes the Festival and its winners externally, on website and in blogs. Has an East Coast attitude because that’s where she lives.
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The Mobius Awards
Mobius Awards
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