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JULY 2016  

Tokyo broadcaster NHK a strong winner in 2016 FilmFest

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. -- NHK Japan Broadcasting, Tokyo, captured three first places in the 2016 U.S. International Film & Video Festival. In total, NHK earned eight awards including a Best of Festival nomination in Education. NHK has a long history of excellent entries in the 49 year-old competition.


The broadcaster won a first place Gold Camera award for "Asia Insight Special Vietnam War: Young Men in an Old Film" in Documentary Programs: History. An old reel of film shot in 1971 by a Japanese news agency is found that brings to life the young men of a North Vietnamese village as they leave to fight the war. Forty years later, the Asia Insight crew sets out to find them and preserve their personal histories. Executive Producers were Hajime Yoda and Haruo Sakitsu; Producer Kenji Yatsu; and Hiroki Takashima. The production company was NHK, Nihon Denpa News in association with NHK Global Media Services.


NHK's second Gold Camera came for "Eats and Beats Show: Fun and Tasty Norimaki" in the Pre-School, Kindergarten portion of the competition. "Eats and Beats" also was nominated for Best-of-Festival-Education. The film is a fusion of music and cookery that teaches young people who tend to live on the many varieties of fast food that cooking can be a pleasure. The program features hip-hop artist DJ Misoshiru and MC Gohan (actually one person) whose rap songs all double as recipes. Cooking becomes easy for viewers as they sing her original recipe songs. Along with sushi roll artist Tama-chan, they explore the sushi rolls in appearance, taste and music to learn their artistic potential. The production company was NHK in association with NHK Educational Corp., Tokyo. Director was Mao; Executive Producer was Kazuko Ueda and Producer was Yoshihiko Yamamoto.


NHK earned a third Gold Camera for Viewpoint Science "Make It and See!" in Education: Primary/Elementary School. Students are encouraged to examine ordinary objects from different viewpoints to learn new things. By re-examining the obvious, sometimes using an electron microscope and slow-motion video, the anatomy and life of a familiar insect, an ant, become clearer and deeper. The entry also uses humor to stimulate the joy of discovery. NHK was the production company. Executive Producer Shinichi Takeuchi, Director Tomoko Hirooka and Producer Kensuke Shiga.


The broadcaster captured a second place Silver Screen award for "Dr. Mitsuya – AIDS Medication Pioneer" in Documentary: Health, Medical. The doctor led the discovery of the first medications for AIDS 30 years ago and was nominated for a Nobel Prize  but until now has not permitted a camera crew to cover his work and his personal life. The history, mechanisms behind HIV and the treatment drugs are examined as a way to point to Dr. Mitsuya as a model for clinicians and researchers. Production company is NHK with Executive Producers Shunichi Maruyama and Masayuki Takase; Director Kenichi Sasaki


NHK also was selected for four Certificates for Creative Excellence. "Missing 200,000 Chinese Children" in Documentary: Current Affairs; "HeartNet TV HIRO: An Ad Man's Battle with ALS" in Documentary: Biography; "Live! Love! Sing!" in Entertainment: Drama; and "The Comedy Ax" in Entertainment: Situation Comedy.


The competition produced 145 awards, including 19 Gold Camera, 36 Silver Screen, 88 Certificates for Creative Excellence and three Student awards. More information can be found at


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