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Singapore filmmaker, design school win in international competition

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., USA –Two Singapore filmmakers have won four awards in the 2012 US International Film & Video Festival competition.

Mediareel Private Limited, Singapore, won a second place Silver Screen Award for “Budaya 360 Season 2” and a Certificate for Creative Excellence for “Homestay.” Both awards came in the Television: Documentary Programs area of the competition. In “Budaya 360” the madcap duo of Sufiyan and Zaleha join experts to debunk cultural misconceptions and myths of the Malay culture. Singapore is very ethnically diversified and each major culture is examined and brought to light in its modern context. “Homestay” explains the concepts surrounding the idea of “living local,” engaging fully in the culture and understanding of the countries in which we travel.

Temasek Polytechnic, School of Design, Singapore, earned awards in Student Productions for “A World of His Own” and “The Final Sendoff.”

“A World of His Own” is the story of a 24-year-old Indian man named Ashwin who is afflicted by severe autism. The documentary is an intimate look at the difficulties (including the lack of available help and care for autistic adults) encountered by Ashwin and his family at they cope with his illness and its effects on all their lives. Soh wrote, directed and produced the film.

“The Final Sendoff” highlights the culture and inner workings of the funeral industry in Singapore. Those who work in funeral homes must develop both a sensitivity for the needs of the dead and their families and a knowledge of what custom requires as the business becomes involved in the removal of old cemeteries to permit urban renewal projects to proceed. 

The overall competition recognized competitors with 20 First Place Gold Camera statuettes, 28 Silver Screen Awards, 60 Certificates for Creative Excellence and four Student Awards. Twenty-three countries produced winners in this 42nd annual competition, which drew more than 1,100 participating entries from 29 countries.

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