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JULY 2012
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Dutch filmmakers accept 3 awards international competition

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., USA –Two filmmakers from The Netherlands have won three awards in the 2012 US International Film & Video Festival competition.

Juister Imaginairies, Middleburg, captured a second place Silver Screen Award in Fundraising Development for “A Peek into the World of Education.” Designed to illustrate how people in the department of education help others reestablish the link between higher education, employment, education and society. The film was done for client ROC Educatie, Middleburg.

Henk van Mierlo VOF, Deventer, earned Certificates for Creative Excellence in Craft/Production Techniques and in Film/Video/Digital: Documentaries for “Heritage saved is history preserved.” The film traces the redevelopment of Deventer, a beautiful medieval town that was in ruins after World War II, into a reenergized tourist city.

The overall competition recognized competitors with 20 First Place Gold Camera statuettes, 28 Silver Screen Awards, 60 Certificates for Creative Excellence and four Student Awards. Twenty-three countries produced winners in this 42nd annual competition, which drew more than 1,100 participating entries from 29 countries.

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