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JULY 2012
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Israeli student filmmaker honored in competition

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., USA –An Israeli filmmaker has won an award in the 2012 US International Film & Video Festival competition.

Beni Friedman, Jerusalem, won in Student Productions for “Leak.” The film is about Hadar, seven years old, who continues to kill animals to escape an animal she feels is chasing her. Her mother derives her own theory that Hadar has been the victim of trauma and places blame on her father. Her mother plans a futuristic and risky operation for trauma removal while her father escapes arrest and hurries to stop the operation. Meantime, her mother finds that Hadar may have much more than one trauma.

The overall competition recognized competitors with 20 First Place Gold Camera statuettes, 28 Silver Screen Awards, 60 Certificates for Creative Excellence and four Student Awards. Twenty-three countries produced winners in this 42nd annual competition, which drew more than 1,100 participating entries from 29 countries.

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