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JULY 2012
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Belgian filmmaker scores in international competition

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., USA –A Belgian entry has captured a second place award in the 2012 US International Film & Video Festival competition.

NATO, Brussels, earned a second place Silver Screen Award in Television: Documentary Programs for “The NATO Chronicles: Episode 8/Cyberdefence: Fighting the Invisible Enemy.” The film delves into the action and tensions in the effort to detect, respond and, when necessary, to recover from the half dozen or so serious cyberattacks NATO members undergoes daily.

Because the situation can change dramatically in seconds, it is critical that everyone in the Incident Response Centre know what they are to do and when. Sensitive and vulnerable infrastructure such as power utilities and aviation must be protected around the clock. As one official says, “Security is too much until it is too little.”

The film follows the unfolding of a simulated incident from notification and detection until resolution. The number of viruses that must be neutralized has risen to 286 million per year, from 25,000 over the last eight years. To have an advantage, NATO and its professional business and government partners must pool their resources, including rapid response experts.

The overall competition recognized competitors with 20 First Place Gold Camera statuettes, 28 Silver Screen Awards, 60 Certificates for Creative Excellence and four Student Awards. Twenty-three countries produced winners in this 42nd annual competition, which drew more than 1,100 participating entries from 29 countries.

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