US International Film & Video Festival
50+ years acknowledging creative excellence in film & video productions


About the Festival
US International Film & Video Festival celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017. It was born as U.S. Industrial Film and Video Festival in 1967 in Chicago. In the early days of film, Chicago was bigger in the industrial and documentary film business than Hollywood, and competitions began to pop up. Not all lasted, but USIFVF has. The competition gave its initial awards in 1968 and has been held continuously since.


Since 2001, USIFVF has operated from Los Angeles, but it still has the original mission:


“to recognize quality work produced for industry, associations, government, religious or education organizations whose purpose is to inform, motivate, stimulate or educate an audience.”



US International Film & Video Festival (nicknamed FilmFest) remains independently owned in a field dominated by industry-sponsored competitions. The Festival offers five mini-competitions in one, recognizing outstanding Corporate, Education, Entertainment, Documentary and Student productions.


FilmFest has responded readily to today’s digital world. Entries are submitted online, and judges, with only a few exceptions, do their assessments online. The judging panel is recruited worldwide.



Our Judging Process Helps Set Us Apart
Entries are judged against peers, meaning Corporate competes with Corporate, Education against Education, and so on. Entries are reviewed on their own merit. We hope for winners in each category, but don’t require them. As a result, the top award in a category is not necessarily a Gold Camera, but may be a Silver Screen or Certificate for Creative Excellence winner. Conversely, more than one Gold, Silver or Certificate may be awarded in a category.


Decisions about winners are based on both effectiveness and creativity. As an independent company, we feel no corporate pressure to change that system.


Why Enter

  • Gain recognition and prestige in an International film/video/digital production industry
  • Encourage new clients by showcasing award-winning work
  • Get your film seen by a panel of seasoned industry professionals
  • Expand your company’s reputation to draw new clients
  • Build internal company pride and motivation
  • Enjoy publicity and accolades on our website and social media, in media releases and in worldwide award presentations
  • Relish good old-fashioned “bragging rights” when you win!


Types of Entries Invited

We accept productions created for all kinds of venues and have responded to the rapid changes from traditional to non-traditional.


Corporate Productions

  • Internal Corporate Communications (On-boarding, Training, Benefits, etc.)
  • Sales Promotion/Trade Show Multimedia Presentations
  • Brand Image Films


Education Productions

  • Classroom film/video/online/VR Productions
  • Broadcast Educational Programming
  • Instructional/How-To videos


Entertainment Productions

  • Television Programs
  • Features & Short Films
  • Online & VR Entertainment Programming


Documentary Productions

  • Non-Fiction/Factual Productions
  • Television Programming
  • Feature & Short Films


General Festival Awards

  • First-Place Gold Camera Statuette
  • Second-Place Silver Screen Statuette
  • Third-Place Certificate for Creative Excellence
  • Student Award Certificate
  • Best of Festival (Grand Prix) Awards
    Presented to an outstanding entry from among the Gold Camera winners in each production type. These winners are selected by members of the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ), a 52-year-old global peer network of production company owners.


Special Award - IQ One World Award

  • This special award is given to the production that best exhibits cinematic excellence and innovative storytelling, and engages the audience with universal themes that express our shared humanity. The IQ One World Award is sponsored and presented by the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ), which seeks to support and improve international communications. Established in 1966, IQ has administrative headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee,
  • This award is open to Corporate, Education, Entertainment, and Documentary productions.
  • How to Enter: At the time of entry, you can enter your film for consideration to compete for the One World Award. You may submit a written explanation as to why you are nominating your production for this award.
  • Judging Process: At the end of general festival judging, the IQ One World Award nominated productions that were awarded a Gold Camera, Silver Screen or Certificate award will move on to the second phase of judging. These IQ One World Award nominees will then be judged by a separate committee composed of IQ members.
  • Award: The IQ One World Award winner will be announced with the Best of Festival winners in June 2019. The Winner will be notified via email by the US International Film & Video Festival. The award will be presented to the winner at the annual IQ Conference in 2019.




The Mobius Awards
Mobius Awards
       - Advertising
       - Package Design
       - Cannabis Advertising
       - Student