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CORPORATE: Craft/Production Techniques: 3D

Entrant: Quite Frankly Productions / London
Sponsor/Client: OMEGA / Bienne
Production Company: Quite Frankly Productions / London
Prime Focus / London
Additional Credits: Producers: Lies Deneys, Claire Goodwillie, Adam Lyne
Direcor: Tim Frewer, DOP: Simon Hawken

The film was shot in an empty skating stadium back in October 2013, in Sochi. We had to be extremely sure that the 3D effect - created in post-production - would translate. The film was not shot in stereoscopy because filming in 3D is so incredibly time consuming and just did not make sense given our timeline: we had three days to shoot and a total of three months to take care of the entire project from start to finish. To ensure that every single shot would be good for 3D, the DoP and the post-production 3D specialist had to work extremely closely together pre-shoot. The film was shot on a combination of cameras including the Phantom Flex for the graceful slow-motion footage of the skaters. When filming, only a minimum amount of branding was present given that we were some months away from the Games. This meant that post-production needed a lot of VFX to be included such as additional branding, scoreboards and sponsorship logos.

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