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DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Environment, Ecology

Entrant: GMA News TV (GMA Network, Inc.) / Quezon City
Program Mgr: K.Lumbo; Reporter: M.Papa; Host: J.Soho; EP: H.Bayona
Production Company: GMA News TV (GMA Network, Inc.) / Quezon City
Producer: B.Brazil, K.del Rosario; Researchers: N.Montero, J.Bonifacio;
Other Credits: Videographer: E.Pagdanganan
Editors: B.Brazil, J.Casidsid, G.Llave, A.Magcamit

In a remote Philippine town, a quiet community has become a hotbed for illegal small-scale gold mining. Descending into crude makeshift shafts, miners endanger their lives but they take the risks anyway for a chance at finding the goldmine of their dreams. The industry, though illegal, has become a source of livelihood for many, but environmentalists and children's rights activists question whether the riches found today can sustain the community in the long run.

DOCUMENTARY: News Programming: Magazine Format

Entrant: GMA Network, Inc./ Quezon City
Program Mgr: L.Castel; EP: T.Ranoco; Seg Prod: G.Sta. Ana;
Production Company: GMA Network, Inc./ Quezon City
AP: A.Betita, R.Yumol; Dir: R.Galera; Editor: H.Bayona
Other Credits: Host/Writer: J.Soho; Researchers: W.Poblete, G.Peñaloza

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho's episode entitled "From Saudi with Love" is a story about the heartwarming reunion of a Saudi journalist and her former Pinay nanny. All over the world, there are generations who grow up in the loving care of Filipina nannies who make the great sacrifice of leaving their own children behind to serve other families. Saudi journalist Rawan Radwan was one of those kids who grew up under the care of a Pinay nanny, whom she fondly called "Dada Mary". The episode documented Rawan's search for her nanny, whom she hasn’t seen or heard from in 22 years. The program exclusively covered the full story from Rawan’s announcement in Saudi as she sought help in finding her nanny, to the team's search for Dada Mary, to their unforgettable reunion via Skype. The documentary continued as Rawan traveled to the Philippines, two weeks after they met online, to surprise her nanny. This is a story about gratitude, so big that it crossed borders, defied language barriers, religion and ethnicity. Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho is the top-rating news-magazine program in the Philippines and the show's target audiences are class C-D females, aged 30 to 60 years old

DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Current Affairs

Entrant: GMA Network, Inc./ Quezon City
Program Mgr: A.Guidaya-Atienza; EP: I.Simbulan; AP: R. Figueroa
Production Company: GMA Network, Inc./ Quezon City
Dir: A.Atienza, I.Simbulan, J.Rubio, A.Ardona, E Magboo

OTHER CREDITS: Senior Vice President: Marissa L. Flores; Senior AVP: Leo S. Matias; AVP: Arlene Carnay; Video Journalists: J.Morales, R.Mariñas, F.Epino, A.Chavez, R.Menses, O.De Guzman; SP: Aldrin Carangalan; Researchers: Arilia Tolentino, Dawn Po Quimque, Rachelle Cacas, Mario Urrutia; Hosts: J.Soho, J. Manicad, M. Papa
On November 8, 2013, the Philippines was battered by one of the strongest typhoons to make landfall, with Yolanda leaving at least 6,000 dead. Countless others are still missing. A year on, much remains to be done for those in Tacloban, Palo, Guiuan, Basey and other towns in badly-beaten Leyte and Samar. As GMA News and Public Affairs' team of journalists go on the ground to document the rehabilitation efforts, tent cities remain, houses are back in no-build zones, people struggle to make a living, and stories of both survival and tragedy linger. A year ago in Tacloban City, Jessica Soho met Marvin Isanan at the airport where he works as a security guard. While grieving the loss of his three daughters to the storm surge, Marvin tells Jessica how he was able to save two other guards when huge waves crashed into the airport. Today, Marvin is rebuilding his life with his wife and his only son, Prince. His dream, he says, is to finally make it out of the makeshift house where his family now stays, and to have a permanent home to call their own. Jiggy Manicad was en route to Palo, Leyte when he met Jemmar Caindoy, a father carrying the lifeless body of his daughter, Ellaine Shane. Today, Jemmar lives in a small home which he built using salvaged materials and scrap wood. Jiggy discovers that Jemmar and his wife never found the grave where their daughter was buried. They left the child's body at a hospital where remains of victims were being taken, but they never knew where authorities buried the bodies. Jiggy attempts to help Jemmar and his wife locate the site where their precious daughter now rests. Also in Palo, Leyte, Micaela Papa and her news team witnessed the horror of the storm surge as it came crashing through buildings. A year on, the hotel where Mica and her team stayed is still in ruins. Mica then heads to Samar to see how survivors there are recovering from the tragedy. In Guiuan, Eastern Samar, where Yolanda first made landfall, Mica meets tent city residents who chose to build houses back in danger zones. While in Marabut, Western Samar, children are taught in tent classrooms, where both rain and heat take a toll on their health. In other parts of Leyte and Samar, bunkhouses and transitional homes now stand where there used to be rubble, and there are structures that have been rebuilt. But much, much more remains to be done to ensure that a similar tragedy is averted, not if, but when the next super storm hits.

DOCUMENTARY: News Programming: Continuing News Stories

Entrant: GMA News TV (GMA Network, Inc.) / Quezon City
Anchor: J.Soho; Program Mgr: C.Pascual; EP: M.Torres; AP: A.Fudernan
Production Company: GMA News TV (GMA Network, Inc.) / Quezon City
Dir: J.San Luis; Asst.Dir: A.Custodio; Prod.Ad: T.Gementiza;
Other Credits: PC: K.Laspona, D.Maghirang; Writer-Prod.: L.Buan, I.Andrada-Bautista,
E.Remillano, E.Aguilar, G.Oblefias, A.Asuncion

On January 25, 2015, a mission by members of the Philippine National Police - Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) to arrest two notorious terrorists in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, ended in a bloody encounter that left 44 SAF troopers dead. The whole nation was greatly saddened that 44 policemen had to lay down their lives for this mission. In honor of those who perished, President Benigno Aquino III declared January 30, 2015 a National Day of Mourning. On this day, five days after the bloody incident, State of the Nation with Jessica Soho covered the events as the Filipinos united in a show of sorrow and sympathy, and in the call for justice for the fallen heroes from the heart-breaking scenes during the necrological services at the SAF headquarters, to the offering of prayers from the different sectors all over the Philippines. The newscast also aired special reports on the search for answers on what could have gone wrong and who should be held responsible for the mission's tragic ending.

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