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Entertainment: Television: Cooking

Entrant: North Pacific Ltd/London
Production Company: North Pacific Ltd/London

Host Ina Gareten's is on a mission to really shake up the holidays. She sets out on a foody road trip across London to find and experience the most cutting edge food producers and chefs in the capital to inspire her to create a truly unique holiday meal back home in East Hampton.

Documnetary: Television: Documentary Programs: Health, Medical

Entrant: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)/Tokyo
Production Company: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)/Tokyo

If someone in your family were pronounced "brain dead," would you be able to accept that reality? In January 2010, a five-year-old girl named Manami entered a children's hospital with cardiopulmonary arrest caused by pneumonia. Although she was given every treatment possible and seemed to stabilize, she was diagnosed as brain dead. Only then did her parents really understand that Manami would eventually die. How would they tell their other two children about her brain death? This documentary records in unflinching detail the family's struggles and complex emotions over the course of two months, as they grapple with the nature of brain death, a condition that could enter anyone's life at any time.

Corporate: Communication: Investor Relations

Entrant: razor productions/London
Sponsor/Client: Associated British Foods/London
Geoff Lancaster
Production Company: Razor Productions/London

Associated British Foods own many food brands around the world. This film titled "Brands people love to love" was made to celebrate a selection of these brands showing how popular they are with the consumer. The entertaining and quirky script was brilliantly delivered by David Lamb of "Come dine with me" fame. The film wizzed around the world showing off ABF's key brands: in the home, on the street, in the shops and in particular their popularity with consumers of all ages and nationalities.

Corporate: Public Relations

Entrant: Juister Imaginairies/Middelburg
Sponsor/Client: EDF/Delta NV/Sloecentrale BV/Vlissingen
Marcel Verdam Jaap, Wolters Ton Vrijdag
Production Company: Juister Imaginairies/Middelburg

Eternal Energy is truly the product of a new approach in corporate film production, using emotions to bring across the clients' message. A slightly different mood impression of a power plant's product. In the video, an old lady teaches a young girl how to deal with energy sources and preserve nature at the same time. Not in a literal way, but by leaving things open to imagination. The old lady is a metaphor for knowledge and experience, while the young girl for innocence and inexperience. Together they create a fictional orb of energy and because it is depicted as rather small and vulnerable, it becomes clear that all forms of energy must be seen as precious and not to be taken for granted. In short; emotion and imagination gives this film the necessary international and intercultural charisma and also a communicative power of up to 870 MW.

Educational: Pre-School, Kindergarten

Entrant: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)/NHK Educational Corp./Tokyo
Production Company: Produced by NHK in association with NHK Educational Corporation

This innovative language variety program reveals the beauty of Japanese language and culture. Selecting key phrases from traditional theatrical arts, classical and modern poetry, tongue twisters, rhythmic words, and other word plays, each episode features one or two phrases and presents them through various forms of artistic performances, picture matching games, word animation, children’s recitation and songs. In this episode, two key phrases are featured. The first is a phrase from "The Rice Cooking Song" which teaches children the proper way to cook rice. It derives from a famous kabuki play or traditional Japanese drama. The second is a phrase by renowned modern poet Misuzu Kaneko and conveys the message that all things have life and that we should cherish the small and the weak. Kaneko emphasizes how everyone is different and unique in their own ways.

Educational: Secondary/High School

Entrant: THIRTEEN-WNET/New York, NY
Production Company: THIRTEEN/New York, NY

Drawing on conventions of popular reality shows, GET THE MATH features profiles of young professionals working in fashion, video game development, and music production. Project Runway season two winner Chloe Dao, Julia Detar, developer of popular videogames, and Hip-Hop duo, DobleFlo (Manny Dominguez and Luis Lopez) share how they regularly use algebra in their work and then pose challenges connected to their jobs to two teams of teens. Online (getthemath.org), viewers have the opportunity to tackle the challenges using interactive tools and hints; they can compare their strategies to solutions used by student teams in the video. Viewers can then deepen their understanding of the algebra concepts explored through additional interactive challenges. The Get the Math website also features streaming video of segments from the half-hour broadcast program and resources for teachers, including a training video showing how to use the materials in the classroom, and a teacher’s guide with lesson plans. In addition, the site features an animated music video starring DobleFlo, downloadable MP3s of their music, including a math-themed rap they wrote for the project, and Q & A’s with the professionals and teens.

Corporate: Advertising/Marketing: Business-to-Business

Entrant: Kemper Kommunikation GmbH/Frankfurt
Sponsor/Client: Schüco International KG/Bielefeld
Tanja Brinks
Production Company: Markenfilm GmbH & Co. KG/Wedel

Green technology for the blue planet. With their new image film, Schüco do not primarily introduce their products but create a forum for ideas and visions of people all over the world. Personalities from the media, sports or society as well as non-celebrities - they all have their say. They talk about their personal vision of the future in their own words, thus encouraging us to act jointly for climate protection and a safe future.

Corporate: Tourism Films

Entrant: Aera MHC Kft./Budapest
Sponsor/Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Hungary
Production Company: Aera Property & Destination/Hungary

World of Potentials is the official image film of Hungary in 2011 released in last December on the occasion of Hungary’s EU Presidency. The story is about the adventures of a young couple spending their vacation in Hungary while different kinds of Hungarian inventions are being presented. A hungarian folk song adaptation is running in the background of the film with the title "Fly bird, fly" by Balkan Fanatik.

Documentary: Television: Documentary Programs: Social Issues

Entrant: Documentary Japan Inc./NHK Educational Corp./NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)/Tokyo
Production Company: Documentary Japan for NHK in association with NHK Educational Corporation

Julianise, now 13, was separated from her mother when she was six and placed with a foster family in Port-au-Prince. Impoverished Haitian parents have a custom of sending their children to foster parents in return for payment. The adopted children, called restaveks, are forced to do housework and are treated like slaves. There are an estimated 225,000 restaveks in Haiti, and their number are growing after the large earthquake in January 2010. By looking at Julianise daily life, this documentary examines the harsh life of the restavek.

"JUST AS AMBITIOUS AS I AM" (The Netherlands)
Corporate: Public Relations

Entrant: Borish/Amsterdam
Sponsor/Client: ABNAMRO/Amsterdam
Johan Hillebrand, Sandra Bergsteijn
Production Company: Borish/Amsterdam

This film tells the story of 3 people (clients), each with their own expectation, their own ambitions and their own (financial) needs. The three people are role-models representing the three typical clients of the major business divisions of the bank.. 1: A young couple, Robin and Linda, just starting in life and at the point of buying their first house. They have certain financial needs of the commercial banking unit of the bank. 2 : Christine is an ambitious lady with a coffee company concept for Fairtrade coffee. She is a medium business owner with 30 stores in the Netherlands and looking for foreign expansion. She has her own needs in both private and business banking units of the bank. 3: John is an ambitious CEO of a large international transportation company. Doing business around the world. He has international needs in the private and corporate banking units of the bank.
For all three characters it is an obvious choice to bank with ABNAMRO, because it is ABN AMRO that creates the context in which they can accelerate.

Corporate: Tourism Films

Entrant: Mostviertel Tourismus GmbH/Wieselburg
Sponsor/Client: Mostviertel Tourismus GmbH/Wieselburg
Production Company: MOORSFILM/Vienna

This film shows the delicate beauty of the rather undiscovered region of Mostviertel "cider region") in the heart of Austria, using extraordinary aerial shots only. The airborne images show the exiting contrasts the region offers its visitors: gentle hills full of blooming apple and pear trees in the northern Danube area, and the wild adventurous south with its canyons and mountain lakes around the Ötscher National Park, the first landmark of the world-famous Alps.The dream-like flying camera gives the spectator room for projections of holiday desires: from relaxing family activities to mountain hiking and climbing in the wildlife - just an hour away from the cultural metropolis of Vienna.

Corporate: Tourism Films

Entrant: Polish Tourism Organisation/Warsaw
Sponsor/Client: Polish Tourism Organisation/Warsaw
Production Company: Platige Image Sp. z o.o./Warsaw

We present a film with key elements of the campaign promoting Poland at the largest tourist fair in the world. Platige Image has done the campaign for Polish Tourist Organisation. The authors of the campaign idea are Tomek Baginski and Marcin Kobyleck and Jakub Jablonski is the creator of the visual design. The campaign combines a stunning 3D journey through Poland, innovative animations, traditional Polish motifs and the latest trends of world design. It was designed to give Polish tourism a new dimension.

Entertainment: Television: Cooking

Entrant: North Pacific Ltd/London
Production Company: North Pacific Ltd/London

Home cooking heroine Nigella LAwson is back with a dazzling new television series, NIGELLA:KITCHEN. It's about the food we eat and live right now. Nigella's sharing irresistible easy dishes, perfect for weeknights and leisurely recipes for weekends spent in the comfort kitchen. In her inimitable style, there are wonderful ideas for cooking for friends and family through to solo pleasures.

Corporate: Tourism Films

Entrant: Vienna Film Commission GmbH/Vienna
Sponsor/Client: Vienna Film Commission GmbH/Vienna
Production Company: Stephan Mussil Filmproduktion/Vienna

ON LOCATION VIENNA gives an overview both of the well known and the unknown locations of Vienna and presents the versatile opportunities for shooting in Vienna - supported by an re-interpretation of the Blue Danube Waltz.

Documentary:Television: Documentary Programs: Environment, Ecology

Entrant: West German Television(WDR)/Köln
Production Company: Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) / Köln

The Deepwater Horizon was known as one of the safest drilling rigs in service. When the alarm went off, it was just about to complete an exploration-well in 5 600m of depth. For months after the explosion crude oil gushes into the Gulf of Mexico from the wellhead on the sea floor. BP scrambles to control the situation. Forming a tie with the US Coast Guard, all information flow is restricted into a new form of "embedded journalism". The only eyewitnesses, the rig workers are constrained to talk to the press. Independent reporters are banned from the site. Yet when the spill amounts to an environmental disaster of so far unknown dimensions, BP and it’s clean-up methods come under fire. Then, 3 month later, the leak is finally stopped. All live-cams are switched off, no more reports enter the public, and all seems back to normal. Yet oil industry insiders, fishermen, lawyers, and marine toxicologists shed a different light upon the backlash of the cheap but toxic clean-up methods, chosen by BP, and the growing difficulties of the oil industry, which is caught between the need to find more oil for a still rising demand, and the urge to cut corners to maximize profits. - BP and the Oil Spill turns thereby into a symbolic story, about a reckless power-play between nature, local people, the government, and international corporations.

Documentary: Television: Documentary Programs: Nature, Wildlife

Entrant: Kaufmann Productions Pty Ltd/Sydney, NSW
Production Company: Kaufmann Productions Pty Ltd/Sydney, NSW

Manta rays are giant ocean wanderers, and they’re smart. With the largest brain to body size of any living fish, these mesmerizingly graceful creatures are intelligent. They curiously interact with people, travel vast distances, and show surprisingly complex behaviour. Join Australian biologist Dr. Kathy Townsend and her PROJECT MANTA team reveal the mantas’ secret world. Journey to manta hotspots in Mexico, Micronesia, the Maldives and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef where they discover breathtaking feeding frenzies and rare mating rituals. But mantas are under threat, and this at a time when they could be key indicators of our rapidly changing world.

Corporate: Specialty Productions

Entrant: American Museum of Natural History/New York, NY
Production Company: American Museum of Natural History/New York, NY

In 1910, two rival explorers and their teams set out to conquer the South Pole; while both reached their goal, only one would make it back alive. "Return from the Pole" combines original animation with archival footage and photographs to describe the triumph of Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen whose team was first at the Pole and depicts the final days of the British team led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott,before they succumbed to the elements. "Return from the Pole" describes one of the most poignant chapters in Captain Scott’s story of epic discovery. The animations for this film were based on illustrations from a 1913 edition of The Sphere - a weekly periodical - that commemorated the explorers' travails.
The film's narration is comprised of voiceover readings of excerpts from Scott's actual journal entries. Telling the story in Scott's "voice" further conveys the hopelessness of his team's final days.

Educational: Personal Growth & Development, How-to, Instructional

Entrant: Radio Television Hong Kong/HKSAR

In the first half of 2010, the poor population in Hong Kong reached 1.26 million. The economic gap is widening and society is saturated with an emotion of ‘hating businessmen’ and ‘hating the rich’. 1.26 million people are living under the poverty line. The number of poor people who are employed reached 650,000. About 300,000 children live in poverty. One in every 3 elderly people is considered poor.
"Rich Mate, Poor Mate II"tries to investigate how we can distribute resources and formulate policies to improve this dreadful situation. We have invited six wealthy people, who are either prominent tycoons active in the business and political circles, or offspring of famous magnates, to live in cage houses, work low pay and long-hour jobs, sleep on the street in winter, experience cross-generation poverty and see for themselves the predicament of being old and poor or being young but lacking the means to go upwards.

Entertainment: Television: Promos: Sports Program Promo

Entrant: METAphrenie/Dubai
Sponsor/Client: Al Dawri & Al Kass Sport Channel/Doha
Essa Bin, Abdulla Al-Hitmi, Philippe Chapon, Gabrielle Freiha
Production Company: METAphrenie/Dubai

The story is of a battle between watermen and sandmen that represent the historical Qatari fishermen and Bedouins that came together to build the capital city of Doha. The players make their way through the old culturally rich, and the new architecturally iconic parts of the city and end up at the grand Khalifa Stadium for an epic showdown.

Documentary: Television: Documentary Programs: Social Issues

Entrant: Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc./Osaka
Production Company: Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc./Osaka

In Myanmar, where the infant mortality rate is extremely high, there is a Japanese pediatrician who has been performing delicate surgeries, free of charge. His name is Hideto Yoshioka. He, along with his staff of over a hundred supporting doctors and nurses of the international medical volunteer organization, "Japan Heart," has been providing medical services to those in need, children and adults alike, from their base in Sagaing, a town in Eastern Myanmar. In their operating room, where the temperatures rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in summer, and when power failures occur, they have no other choice but to use flashlights to see by, they have performed 1000 surgeries a year, and have saved over 10,000 lives. A month after he was born, Maung Thu was severely burned in a house fire. As a result, his arms and legs became adhered to his body, so he lived at home, never able to leave. Dr. Yoshioka wanted to help him so that he would be able to go to school, so one by one, he separated his left hand, then his right, then his left leg. Three months later, Maung Thu was able to walk with the help of crutches. Thu Char Aung was born with a bone missing from his head, so a part of his brain popped out from the forehead. Although Dr. Yoshioka wanted to help him, he knew that performing the surgery in Myanmar would be impossible, so he asked his former teacher to perform the surgery. Cameras capture scenes of the trusting mother and child from Myanmar as they travel to Japan, as well as the grueling surgery that took more than 14 hours. While closely observing the surgery being performed by a group of surgeons, Dr. Yoshioka worked out ways of modifying the surgical methods so that he could perform the same type of surgeries in his ill-equipped OR in Myanmar. After two years of preparation, Japan Heart, led by Dr. Yoshioka, embarked on a new project in Cambodia, where they began to extend their medical services. More than 300 villagers came to see him during their 10-day stay there. When asked what motivates him the most to practice medicine, Yoshioka said, “I do it in order to reaffirm the value of my existence. When what I do makes someone happy, I am assured of the value of my being for I am brining happiness to another. As I continue to ensure this, I have found the highest value of my existence here (in Myanmar). He says, "Even if I cannot save someone’s life, I want to save their soul, so that they’ll feel glad to have been born."

Documentary: Television: Documentary Programs: Nature, Wildlife

Entrant: Interspot Film GmbH/Walter Jurmann Gasse//Vienna
Production Company: Interspot Film GmbH/Vienna

Everything flows; everything is subject to constant change. This holds particularly true for floodplains. Destruction and rebuilding, coming into existence and fading out again form the essential elements and the foundation of this landscape. Along the Danube between Vienna and Bratislava the force of water is still capable of creating previously non-existent habitats: floods create new bluffs; new gravel banks and islands grow out of the current; forests are washed away and created from scratch. This dynamic is a valuable treasure, a living current no longer found anywhere else in Central Europe. The Danube-Floodplains east of Vienna are home to the last river wilderness. This unique landscape has been a conservation area since 1996. The Danube is the lifeblood of the National Park, flowing freely for a distance of 36 kilometres. This section and the Wachau region are the last free-flowing stretches of river remaining. The wide variety of habitats which can be found here is impressive, and the number of different animal species able to survive here is remarkable: kingfishers breed along the bluffs and plovers do the same on the gravel banks, while the white-tailed eagle makes its home in the forests of the floodplains. The tributaries are home to terrapins and beavers, and red deer raise their young in the underbrush. The film "Secrets of the Flooded Forest" examines the new, old floodplain landscape and the constant process of change which allows the floodplains to survive.

Entertainment: Dramatic Comedy

Entrant: SCL Productions/Sydney, NSW
Production Company: SCL Productions/Sydney, NSW

"The great Australian dream is there for the taking, just don't get caught". Dave Johnson There are notorious Australian crime families,and then there are the Johnsons. Doing it tough in the outer suburb, four brothers wheel and deal their way through life as their convict based ancestors have done since 1770. The Johnsons, a half hour black comedy drama, explores the darker side of society we know exists, but don't generally get to see. The Johnsons is a very character driven show and highly fun to watch.

Documentary: Television: Documentary Programs: Cultural Issues

Entrant: Fuji Television Network, Inc./Minato-ku, Tokyo
Production Company: Fuji Television Network, Inc./Minato-ku, Tokyo

Ginza is the place to be in Tokyo, and for a price one can enjoy some of the world’s finest cuisine there. But above all, Ginza is the sacred ground of sushi. A Tale of Two Ginza Sushi Chefs explores the ambitions of two craftsmen extremely focused on Ginza, but in very different ways. Each man has built a successful business and each has closed that business down. The complex motivations that led each man to choose his own path to the top provides the plot for this highly unusual look at the art and the business of sushi and its place in the culture of modern Japan. Mitsuhiro Araki has already made it as a sushi master, but he is determined to prove himself at the pinnacle of his profession by moving his feast to Ginza. His yearning to overcome the toughest competition he can find is matched only by his need to be recognized by his former master. Meanwhile, Isamu Masuda is troubled by what he feels is a commercialism that has eroded respect for the traditional culture of Ginza. He recently shut down his highly successful restaurant to open a members-only sushi club where he offers his art to the invited few he feels appreciate it.
These two are deeply stubborn. Araki is an artist, supremely confident in his premium fatty tuna, meticulously carved out of the finest fish he demands on his morning visits to the Tsukiji fish market. Isamu Masuda’s shop has no name and bears no sign, for Masuda refuses to advertise, considering himself a craftsman rather than a businessman. For both, there is an elusive magic to Ginza. Araki aims for success in Ginza even as Masuda takes aim at what he considers a corruption of its values. The Ginza district of Tokyo is the center of their fascinating universes.

Corporate: Communication: Employee/Internal-Oriented

Entrant: Robin Lewin Productions/Los Angeles, CA
Sponsor/Client: Doubletree by Hilton/McLean, VA
Anne Thompson, Rob Palleschi
Production Company: Robin Lewin Productions/Los Angeles, CA

At Doubletree by Hilton. road-weary travelers discover the special comforts and acts of kindness that make them feel human again.

Entertainment: Television: Performing Arts

Entrant: Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc./Osaka
Production Company: Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc./Osaka

The Sound Stage series is an annual musical event that takes place at temples in the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara based on the theme "East Meets West" The event is a gathering of performers from the world over. In October, 2011, the performance took place at Todai-ji Temple in Nara.Performing for the one-night only event were "HY," an independent band from Okinawa, Cirque du Soleil ZED from Canada, and Sarah Brightman from the U.K. In their tune titled "Tokio Koe," HY conveyed the war experiences of the older generation in Okinawa to the audience. Cirque du Soleil ZED, a dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment, gave an exotic performance of "Hand To Hand" from their large repertoire on stage. The show culminated when Sarah Brightman appeared on stage. Her crystal clear soprano voice filled every nook and corner of the Temple, including the Great Buddha Hall where the statue of the Great Buddha sits still.

Corporate: Public Relations

Entrant: Edithouse Film Works/Göteborg
Sponsor/Client: Volvo Car Corporation/Göteborg
Jeanette Carlsson, Christina Theorin
Production Company: Edithouse Film Works/Göteborg
Agency: A+A Communication

The Volvo S60 and V60 R-Design Let lose in their proper environment.

Corporate: Public Relations

Entrant: World Television/London
Production Company: World Television/London

Our solution was to combine specially-shot portraits and extreme close-ups with carefully selected archive footage. We combed through hours of footage/stills to find the right shots to tell the story. A series of simple questions help structure the narrative progression of the film, culminating in a short sequence of people stating their names, before delivering the film’s title and strapline: We Are Anglo American. The overall simplicity of the piece and the richness and diversity of the voices of these real employees is key. We are particularly proud of the music track, designed specifically to accompany the film. It is deceptively simple yet client and audience response confirms it perfectly captures the spirit of Anglo American’s new brand. Taking the BBC’s original 1959 Radio Ballads as our inspiration (which wove together the voices of ordinary working people with music and sound effects), we commissioned a composer to work with the voices of Anglo American employees from right across the organisation. Up to 100 audio interviews with miners, supervisors, truck drivers, managers, accountants, geologists and marketing staff were recorded on location at Anglo American sites in Brazil, South Africa, Chile, Australia and London. A process of editing and re-editing followed, where we stripped the interviews right back to find the single sentences that captured the essence of what we were after. The composer then integrated the selected voices into the music track to create a single piece of sound design where the rhythm of the voices, and their tonal qualities; how people said what they said - was as important as the content they delivered. This was one way in which we gave the film its emotional punch. The track is mixed to have impact both at low volume on small speakers; eg over the internet, and on the big screen. The film is used in rotation with the corporate video and other material on the homepage of Anglo American’s website. For the three months following the campaign’s launch July, it had pride of place. It has been distributed internally and externally on DVD in English, Portuguese and Spanish. It had a key role to play in employee workshops around the world as part of the brand roll out. We do not have specific figures for the external reach of the video (the hits on Anglo American’s website are not available to us) but internally the film has been seen by the vast majority of the company’s 107,000 employees.

Corporate: Tourism Films

Entrant: Wonderful Copenhagen Film & News Production/Copenhagen
Sponsor/Client: DCU - Danish Cycling Federation/Brøndby
Production Company: Wonderful Copenhagen Film & News Production/Copenhagen

Copenhagen/Rudersdal will host the UCI World Championsship Road Race in Denmark 2011. This movie shows how much we love bikes in Denmark and how much bikes are a part of our culture, and that we are proud of it.

Corporate: Communication: Employee/Internal-Oriented

Entrant: explosive egg films and television/Salzburg
Sponsor/Client: ROBEL Bahnbaumaschinen GmbH/Freilassing
Dr. Thomas Hunter
Production Company: explosive egg films and television/Salzburg

Since more than 100 years, ROBEL produces machines and devices for railway track construction. Following a short, general overview of the railway as such, "we.robel" shows research & design, assembly planning, various aspects of the production of the machines (welding shop, assembly) as well as strategic functions of business management (human resources, finance, general management, etc.).

Corporate: Public Relations

Entrant: Leadit/Odense
Sponsor/Client: FLSmidth/Copenhagen
Henrik Madsen
Production Company: LeadIT ApS//Odense

Documentary: Television: TV News: Entertainment Programs

Entrant: Radio Television Hong Kong/HKSAR

The main characters of this episode of "Rich Mate, Poor Mate II" are 10 year-old Tiffany and her mother Cisy. In this program they will experience first-hand the impasse of cross-generation poverty. Tiffany’s father is a senior executive of a foreign bank. She lives a carefree life. As a primary 5 student in an international school, she is busy learning singing, dancing and the piano everyday after school. Every weekend, she has an English tutorial over the internet with a teacher in the United States.
In this program, Tiffany and her mother Cisy reside with a family of three who live on social assistance, in a single-room flat of less than 100 square feet. Tiffany goes to a working class local school while Cisy, who never needs to know the price of groceries, will work as a part time dish washer and toilet cleaner to help with the family income. What is it like to be poor in the eyes 10-year old Tiffany who’s never experienced poverty? For mum Cisy, will she gain an insight into whether poverty is hereditary, to be passed down to the next generation?

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