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Documentary: Film/Video/Digital: Documentaries: Short

Entrant: Film Magic Ltd/Hong Kong
Sponsor/Client: Expo 2010/Shanghai
Yang Yi Juan
Production Company: Film Magic Ltd/Hong Kong

A seacrch for Better city, better live. How city beings, especailly the rank and files, would deal with their livelyhood, celebrations,problems, and for a dream come true. China is part of the world. The visit to Argentina, India, Kenya, and Canada, made contrast to our own. we would like to ratify Chinese problem, the filming and re-visit of the earthquake site of Sichuan Hanwang is to show the city being's power to return from hardship.. "Enlightened.. Tough and self-reliant".
The story also speak for the world City Beings: Buenos Aires-- City of Passionate Soccer, Romantic Tango Mumbai-- City of the vigor and the Sounds of India Nairobi-- City of dance, The pulse of Africa Edmonton-- City of Simplicity and Elegance, from the Depth of the Heart All conclude towards our theme of: City Being needs our tender care

Corporate: Craft/Production Techniques: Editing

Entrant: Firehouse/London

HSBC were introducing extensive changes, modernising the way their Wealth Management banking operated. The changes would mean profound differences in the way people worked and affected offices from London to Hong Kong. The film's objective was to explain both the reasons for change and the scale of the future opportunities. Some members of the audience will have been sceptical about the need for change, the film had to make them understand that there was a case andat least make them ready to particpate in what lay ahead.

Educational: Personal Growth & Development, How-to, Instructional

Entrant: Radio Television Hong Kong/HKSAR

In the first half of 2010, the poor population in Hong Kong reached 1.26 million. The economic gap is widening and society is saturated with an emotion of ‘hating businessmen’ and ‘hating the rich’. 1.26 million people are living under the poverty line. The number of poor people who are employed reached 650,000. About 300,000 children live in poverty. One in every 3 elderly people is considered poor.
"Rich Mate, Poor Mate II"tries to investigate how we can distribute resources and formulate policies to improve this dreadful situation. We have invited six wealthy people, who are either prominent tycoons active in the business and political circles, or offspring of famous magnates, to live in cage houses, work low pay and long-hour jobs, sleep on the street in winter, experience cross-generation poverty and see for themselves the predicament of being old and poor or being young but lacking the means to go upwards.

Entertainment: Television: Mini-Series

Entrant: Radio Television Hong Kong/HKSAR
Sponsor/Client: Hong Kong Fire Services Department/Hong Kong
Production Company: Radio Television Hong Kong/HKSAR

Radio Television Hong Kong and Hong Kong Fire Services Department co-produced "FSD"an 8-episode-drama series depicting work of firemen and ambulance men. Apart from their responsibility, mission, and training, the series also introduces laws of fire prevention and its enforcement; fire extinguishing techniques; special equipment; fire investigation; ambulance work; public education on fire prevention etc. Each episode is based on a true story in which firemen risked themselves, fighting for the lives and properties of citizen. By paying tribute to their bravery and selflessness, this programme also wish to raise public awareness on fire prevention.

Documentary: Television: TV News: News Features/Segements

Entrant: Radio Television Hong Kong/HKSAR

The RTHK programme Headliner is a weekly magazine programme which highlights the major current affairs issues, both local and international, in an unconventionally way. A Public Security’s diary- Tofu dregs schools bloodstained coalmines…facing chains of manmade disasters, victims have no right to voice their complaints. If they do, they become the accused, and are prosecuted for inciting disorder. Animation made by a local renowned comics artist, Emu. Radio Television Hong Kong’s “Rich Mate, Poor Mate II” is a reality show exploring the economic gap between the rich and the poor in Hong Kong. In this program, we put wealthy people in the shoes of the poor, with our film crew closely following them around the clock to see their experience of poverty.
Will there be an answer to dubious vaccines- Mainland Chinese reporter Wang Keqin discovered that many children in Shanxi province have died or become handicapped soon after vaccination. An official from Shanxi Disease Control Centre, Chen Taoan even revealed that since 2006, there have been vaccines which were exposed to high temperatures. The government, however, said that the problem of the children had no relationship with the vaccines. Even when reporters and parents had evidence, the courts refused to take up the cases. This incident is only the tip of an iceberg. Child victims of contaminated vaccines have since been found all over China. From the spread of AIDS,melamine milk power to killer vaccines, more and more people are victimised, and more and more victims are pressured to shut up. The children are innocent. Who actually incites disorder, unscrupulous businessmen and officials, or the country which allows all this to happen?

Documentary: Television: TV News: Entertainment Programs

Entrant: Radio Television Hong Kong/HKSAR

The main characters of this episode of "Rich Mate, Poor Mate II" are 10 year-old Tiffany and her mother Cisy. In this program they will experience first-hand the impasse of cross-generation poverty. Tiffany’s father is a senior executive of a foreign bank. She lives a carefree life. As a primary 5 student in an international school, she is busy learning singing, dancing and the piano everyday after school. Every weekend, she has an English tutorial over the internet with a teacher in the United States.
In this program, Tiffany and her mother Cisy reside with a family of three who live on social assistance, in a single-room flat of less than 100 square feet. Tiffany goes to a working class local school while Cisy, who never needs to know the price of groceries, will work as a part time dish washer and toilet cleaner to help with the family income. What is it like to be poor in the eyes 10-year old Tiffany who’s never experienced poverty? For mum Cisy, will she gain an insight into whether poverty is hereditary, to be passed down to the next generation?

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