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GMA Film on ALS Wins International Award

French solar film
wins IQ One World

“Wattway – Solar Road,” which highlights a French experiment using solar panels on a roadway to generate electricity, has won the One World award in the 2016 festival. The award is given annually by the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ) to a film that best promotes understanding of world issues and cooperation. IQ members select the winner. The group has 96 members across 47 countries.


“Wattway,” produced by Arizona Films, Brussels, explains a test project in which France expects to lay 621 miles of solar roadway in the next five years, enough, if successful, to furnish electricity to 5 million people. The project is a collaboration between the National Institute of Solar Energy and Colas, considered a world leader in road infrastructure with operations in more than 45 countries. 


The film’s producer was Didier Clerens with Patrick Vandebroeck as director and Phoenix Post as editor. Cinematographer was Oliver Imfeld, and Ronald Vanhuffel was responsible for sound.

Watch the video "Wattway - Solar Road"


International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ)

“Wattway – Solar Road”

“Wattway – Solar Road” (BELGIUM)

Entrant/Client: Colas, Paris
Production Company: Arizona Films, Brussels
Producer: Didier Clerens; Director: Patrick Vandebroeck; Editor: Phoenix Post

Cinematographer: Oliver Imfeld; Sound: Ronald Vanhuffel

Watch the video "Wattway - Solar Road"

“Touch the Limits: Being Better When It Counts”

“Touch the Limits: Being Better When It Counts” (SWITZERLAND)

Entrant: Swiss Armed Forces, Electronic Media Center, Bern
Sponsor/Client: SPHAIR, Dübendorf
Head of Marketing: Simon Kull

Chief of Electronic Media Center: Mike Lüscher
Producer: Markus Lengen

Director: Christian Dietiker

Editor: Simon Kipfer

Cinematographer: Marc Bachmann

Sound: Silvio Ramseier

Watch the video "Touch The Limits: Being Better When It Counts"

Alamat: Alamat Ng Bayabas (The Legend of the Guava)

"Alamat: Alamat Ng Bayabas (The Legend of the Guava)" (PHILIPPINES)

Entrant/Production Company: GMA Network, Inc., Quezon City
Production Manager: J Jimeno; EVP/Production Manager: M. Mosura-Dumont
Director: J.Imutan; Music Production: R. Gacho
Non-Linear Editor: T. Adriano

Music Production Head: R. Gaucho;

Original Music: A. Figueroa, J. Gapasin

Production Admin: K. Grajo

Watch the video "Alamat: Alamat ng Bayabas (The Legend of the Guava)"

Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib

“Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib” (AUSTRIA)

Entrant/Production Company: Interspot Film GmbH, Vienna
Sponsor/Client: ORF, Vienna
Producers: Heinrich Mayer-Moroni

Directors: Will and Lianne Steenkamp
Cinematographer: Lianne Steenkamp

Editor: Alan Miller

Sound: Roman Kariolou, Johannes Ratheiser

Watch the video "Vanishing Kings - Lions of the Namib"

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